Honeycomb Mod

pattern closeup
pattern impossible to see in this tweedy yarn

I’m not the first and likely won’t be the last to work this modification on the lovely Honeycomb vest pattern (designed by Sarah Castor, published at Knitty).

Each pattern row of the cable pattern has a two-stitch cable — so every stitch in the row is part of a cable cross. That was a little too much work for me, even cabling without a cable needle.

Instead, I am working left twists (rightmost stitch ends up on top) and right twists (leftmost stitch ends up on top).

slip each st separately, then move back to left needle. k tbl on second stitch, leave on needle, then k2tog tbl through both sitches.

k2tog, leave st on needle. k through first stitch, drop both stitches.

There are other methods for working left/right twists, but I am very pleased with how these two mirror one another.

Now if only I could knit faster!

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