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mad hatter
one mad hatter

My youngest sister is out here visiting again due to a well-timed business trip. I got it in my head that she should arrive to a new hat. Why? Why not?

from the back

Some leftover Cascade 109, big needles (US10), and Rosi G’s (the soapy knitter)’s Capitan Hat… win!


Except I ran out of the red yarn. I ended up working the row before the purl turning row on the brim in black yarn, a look I liked in the end. But I did not come up with enough red yarn for the strap across the hat, so it seems a little unfinished. At least the contrast color edge makes it look a little more complete.

The pattern is great and it knit up really quickly. I like it! And hm, I have plenty of black yarn left…

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