The past two nights have been incredibly frustrating:

Tuesday night, I pulled out href="">Priscilla
A. Gibson-Roberts’ Simple Socks and worked my second hourglass heel
ever. Except it takes forEVER worked over 40 stitches on US1s. Then I
messed up the increasing part — I think. I can’t tell or remember and
my laptop was not happy about giving me a wireless connection, so I
couldn’t check href="">Alison’s short
row tutorial.

I have picked up the sock multiple times since Tuesday night, but
every time I just sigh and put it down again. I am going to frog back to
the beginning of the heel and redo it, start to finish. My href="">first hourglass
heel had about 4 startovers before I got it. I am not looking
forward to that.

Later on Tuesday night, I picked up the yarn from the href="">newly-frogged KFI
Cashmereno cable-rib socks for DH’s socks and
attempted to do the tubular cast on without waste yarn. It is possible,
but this was just a gross spot of forgetfulness on my part. “OH yeah,
waste yarn. Oops!”

I attempted to cast on for DH’s socks again Wednesday night but I
neglected to account for the fact that (for me) the tubular cast on is a lot
tigher than my usual sock cast on, so I needed to cast on a few more
stitches. I didn’t realize this until after I had worked the entire cast
on and looked at the stitches spread out over my needles. Oops. Too
small for DH! Riiiiip!

Tuesday night, I also attempted to swatch up some Rowanspun DK I got
cheap on ebay. The needles I was using were too big, so it did not work
well either. I fear I am going to need US4s to get a gauge I like with
the Rowanspun. Frightening.

The only thing I successfully completed in the past two days was
deciding which colors of Crack – er, Kidsilk Haze – I wanted to use on
my Big Wool sweater:

alt="ksh and big wool" title="ksh and big wool" border="2">

href=""> src=""
alt="ksh and big wool" title="ksh and big wool" border="2">

big wool in swish(discontinued color). ksh in trance; ksh in smoke

Initially I thought I wanted a similar shade of ksh for the cuffs,
but then I didn’t think that trance and swish looked right together,
so I picked up the gorgeous grey contrast color. After these super quick
bit of stitches picked up on my swatch, I am back to using teal with
teal. Hooray!

The only other fiber-related positivity in the past couple of
evenings was that I read a few more chapters of my spinning textbook
(ha) — href="">The
Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning. While I disagree with Amos on
some points, this book keeps me entertained and I find the formulas and
very scientific approach interesting and relevant for this here

I have today and tomorrow off in order to clean and organize my
house. This includes the fibery goodness. My desk is covered in yarn and
buttons and fabric; my desk area is surrounded by plastic bins of yarn
and fiber. It is making me insane. I am hoping that once I clean
everything up, I’ll have some time to spin and really get cracking on
the next pair of socks for a non-relative! (or possibly start my Rogue

I hope you are having less frustration in your fibery pursuits than I
am! Most especially poor Julie (of href="">yarngirl with a
hook) who had a measuring problem yesterday.

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