hemming and hawing

fugl hem
hem facing

The Lopi pattern Fugl [ravelry] specifies seed stitch hem, cuffs, and collar. N requested ribbed cuffs… and specifically requested a hem that is NOT ribbed or rolled.

I have my own issues with combining rib and seed stitch, so I made the decision to do a folded hem with contrast facing — how I love contrast trim and facings!

The problem is that I knit a sweater with a folded hem and the hem flares out in a very annoying sort of way. I know N will be a lot less likely to wear a flared-out hem sweater and I want him to wear this one. Time for some research.

After reading TechKnitter’s posts on knit-together folded hems versus sewn folded hems, I decided to bite the bullet and do a sewn hem.

Here’s hoping for a non-flare, non-flip hem on Fugl!

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