FO: Get Ziggy

Get Ziggy (ravelry) is a lap shoulder baby sweater knit in pieces. I was intrigued by this pattern because I’ve never knit lap shoulders and I really love the center cable.

In retrospect, the finishing made me CRAZY and I am still not happy with it. Blah.

But I guess the sweater is cute enough. Neckline just seems wiiiiiiiide (the better to fit over big heads with).

ziggy ziggy ziggy

I knit it in Berroco Comfort — my new favorite yarn for baby/kid things — on US8 needles, knit mostly when I was back in DC for work and closing on our DC house. It knit up quickly but when I went to seam the lap shoulders, I realized something went horribly wrong with them due to my wonky row gauge or misreading directions or the cycle of the moon in my sign.

Rip. Recalculate. Reknit.

Also, I had read on Ravelry that everyone found the lap shoulders bulky. In an effort to make them less bulky, I worked short rows along the front and back such that the center of the collar was wide and the edges — where the front and back overlap for the lap shoulder — were less bulky. This is part of why the neckline is so wide in my version. Less bulky shoulders, wider neckline. Meh!

cute pants and onesie

I sound really grumpy about this knit! It’s just not as neat and tidy as I’d like. The pattern is well-written and I do recommend it — just take your time with the finishing.

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  1. Andrea (noricum) on December 26th, 2009

    Huh… that centre cable is confusing me. And it looks like maybe there should have been some decreases before the neck ribbing. But I’m probably just over-critical. Ignore me.

  2. Andrea (noricum) on December 26th, 2009

    PS: That was pattern critique, not a critique of your knitting.

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