A Hug from Afar

The only real downside to living on the west coast is that it is not as easy to see our families. We can’t just zip down the road or around the beltway to see our siblings or parents. It requires days of driving or a 5 hour plane flight — both of which we are willing to undertake, but it is certainly less convenient.

raspberry fizz
scarf on chair, whatcha gonna do

Sometimes I feel like the number one thing I define myself as is “sister.” I was sitting in Seattle, wishing I could give one of my sisters a big old bear hug. I knew I’d be in DC soon for closing on our house and could give her a hug then, but I thought it would be nice to leave a hug behind that she could use anytime she wanted. E (PokingMyEyesOut) spurred me on, and I took action.

k in scarf
k in scarf

I decided on Cherry Fizz [ravel it], designed by Kate Gilbert, published in Twist Collective.

I found some gorgeous Plymouth Happy Feet DK (#55) at Country Yarns in Snohomish, WA.

I stuck with the US8 needle in order to make it nice and airy. I decided to use as much of the yarn as possible and worked a few extra repeats of the 5-stitch bubble and 3-stitch bubble sections.

raspberry fizz
raspberry fizz

I finished the scarf on the plane traveling from Seattle to DC and washed and blocked it at Mom’s (using all of her blocking pins — still not enough!).

I love it.

[my ravelry project notes]

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  1. sara on September 1st, 2009

    It’s really beautiful!