Bandwagon Dreams

I had a dream about this beret [Kate Gagnon's Selbu Modern] earlier this week. I blame knitblogland and flickr and ravelry.

Onto the bandwagon I jump!

selbu beginning
just a start [flickr]

I pondered. My yarn is packed aside from the few projects going to temporary housing with me and the stuff that I am destashing. I didn’t have anything appropriate. I’m trying not to spend money due to the move, so no new yarn purchases.

Then I remembered I have a few lone skeins of Koigu Premium Merino in the box-of-yarn-not-moving-to-Seattle-with-me. Eureka! Grey and maroon, two colors I love together (no, I am not a Buckeyes fan).

You see: hats and knitting projects in progress get to move, yarn doesn’t.

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  1. gleek on November 22nd, 2008

    oooh, i love this hat. everyone is knitting it :) and if i knit fair isle i would too, for sure.

  2. Andrea (noricum) on November 26th, 2008

    Did I read correctly that you have *koigu* being destashed?!?! (I suppose it is possible to have unloved skeins of koigu… although I have never been in that state.)