My Coffee is Wearing a Hat

Over the weekend I had a little bit of free time and I happened to have a project in progress sitting on the side table. I picked it up along with some leftover yarn and not too much later, I had a very oblong hat-looking thing.

flat hat?
flat hat? [flickr]

The following day, I tossed it into the wash in a lingerie bag with our jeans and out it came, a bit smaller and fuzzier than it went in.

I put it on the french press and cut a slit into the fabric where the handle is. I then hand sewed with yarn around the handle and tossed it into the wash again with some towels.

french press with hat
french press with hat [flickr]

Luckily it didn’t shrink too much more. I still would like to hand-full the hand-stitching along the handle — it didn’t full quite as much as I would have liked.

cozy coffee
cozy coffee [flickr]

I used it that evening while DH was out at a hockey game. When he got home, DH said, “did you make this? this is actually useful!” Two days later when he made his afternoon coffee, he sent me an IM at work, “my coffee is wearing a hat!”

Project success! Hey, it’s good to keep your coffee cozy, especially as cool as it has been here the past few days.

[ravelry project notes. Here's another french press cozy I love -- Berroco Fleur-de-lis / ravelry.]

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  1. E on October 22nd, 2008

    that is a good looking hat indeed :D