Travel Means Souvenirs

DH and I were in Seattle for a week followed by a day/night in NYC, two cities we both love.

While in Seattle, I spent some time with E (PokingMyEyesOut) and I finally met G (ChezDavis). Yay! Thanks to both E/G and G/S for having us!

Crafty-wise, E and I went to Weaving Works, Hilltop Yarn (Queen Anne), Hilltop East, and Pacific Fabrics. At Weaving Works, I picked up an Addi lace needle to test it out, the Classic Elite Yarns booklet Make It Modern, and some Mountain Colors Twizzle in the Elderberry colorway that I simply couldn’t leave behind:

mountain colors twizzle

At Pacific Fabrics, E picked out fabric for placemats [!] and I gave in to Fat Quarter Fridays:

fat quarter friday
I love fat quarters

DH and I flew into DC and almost immediately caught the train to NYC for a morale event with DH’s work team. After the (rather boring after the first hour) cruise around Manhattan, he coerced me into telling him the name/address of a yarn shop I’d like to visit. I was initially thinking School Products, but they close early on Saturday, so instead we caught a cab to Habu!

habu tsumugi silk
habu textiles, tsumugi silk

I went into Habu planning to pick up some of the stainless steel + silk (or stainless + wool) yarn. But the tsumugi silk caught my eye. It turns out that it also caught DH’s eye — he walked in before me and this was the first yarn he really liked. He actually suggested I buy enough for a sweater — for him — in it. Ha! I did buy two cones intending to make a shawl or scarf of some sort. After browsing projects on Ravelry, I’m tempted to make a loose-knit sweater with it (which would require buying another cone or two). We shall see.

Habu was SO very cool from a fiber arts standpoint. Go forth and visit (but don’t expect it to be like any yarn shop you’ve ever been in)!

[there was also knitting and finishing and other things and now that I seem to have fixed my dSLR, I may be able to take some photos and blog about them...]

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  1. stacey on June 24th, 2008

    sounds like a fun trip!!! the Habu is beautiful!!!!

  2. g on June 25th, 2008

    It was great to finally meet you all as well. Here is hoping for more visits. Great score on the crafty front!

  3. E on June 25th, 2008

    woohoo! We really enjoyed the visit! Good to see you (and your DH!). And hooray on the habu (L)!