BSJ The Second

I have a problem. I never like to make the same thing twice. This is why I have lone socks, mittens, gloves.

When I do knit something twice, it’s gotta be good.

Enter the second BSJ!

Farmhouse BSJ
farmhouse BSJ

Alright, so I am not exactly done with it yet. I hope it is sufficiently gender-neutral!

Also: any suggestions for a garter stitch lace shawl? Triangular or bias-knit?

I may suck it up and make Ene’s Scarf. Though I am not sure Ene’s Scarf is… airplane friendly. Or maybe Sarcelle — also not really plane friendly. Issues!

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  1. Julie on June 8th, 2008

    Oh, that’s perfect! I have a short notice baby gift to make for a coworker and still want to try the BSJ but nothing suitable in my stash. Plus I’m not sure it would be appreciated anyway. If you go garter stitch I’d do bias knit. I like the look of it better for garter. Ene is lovely!

  2. stacey on June 9th, 2008

    That is definitely a gender neutral color palate! Love it!!! I like both the scarves – maybe Sarcelle a bit more…

  3. Jessica on June 12th, 2008

    I would agree that the colors you’re using are gender neutral- and very cool! I’m no help with suggestions unfortunately.