Maryland 2008


Maryland this year was a bit different for me. My first year (2005) I spent so much money on fiber and yarn — and I picked out a wheel! I still have some things from that year in stash. Last year (2007) was my second year, and I was a bit more subdued, but I actually have EVERYTHING in stash from last year still (groan!).

brooks farm
brooks farm

This year I wasn’t looking for much. I wanted to take some photos, look around, meet some people, and spend time with my mom and aunt.

green mountain spinnery
green mountain spinnery

I accomplished what I wanted, though I stopped taking pictures when my knee really started to bug me. I also only had my 50mm lens with me because it’s the lightest lens I have. My 18-70mm is heavy and my 105mm is even heavier, and that limited me some.

I ran into Kelly (Kelp! Knits) in the Tess booth — just like last year! (I deleted that wonky picture, btw, Kelly!)

a goat from the pygora goat booth

I finally watched the sheepdog demonstrations this year. They are so awesome. The sheep were being ornery and defiant and one of the younger dogs seemed to be too “nice” and let the sheep pretty much have their way. The older dog came out and made the sheep obey. It was very cool! I love to watch dogs work (and nap and prance and eat — I might just love dogs).


I saw some great handknits both in the booths and on people. My mom and aunt sat at the entrance to wait for me before going in, and Mom said she really loved the handknit-people-watch. She said she saw a gorgeous handknit skirt on someone who was also wearing a handknit shawl, and lots and lots of gorgeous stranded sweaters.

great sweaters
great sweaters

I love the number of handknit shawls I saw, worn in so many different ways. I saw a gorgeous, shimmery short sleeved lacy top on someone when I was looking at the plants, and wish I had asked her what the yarn/pattern was (or taken a photo). It was fantastic!

more sweaters, I really like that yoked pattern

I also noticed that maybe 75% of the people there were in Ravelry shirts or wore a Ravelry pin. It was amazing! I was wearing my beta shirt and I met a number of fellow ravelers in lines. I completely missed the meetup on Saturday, though I hear it was complete madness and sadly they ran out of buttons. I think perhaps Ravelry-at-MD was a bit larger than anyone anticipated. Amazing! It was very cool to meet other Ravelers!

As for what I bought — not too much!

MD stashin'
the enhancement

The first purchase of the day was a Sheep Incognito print. My mom and aunt also bought prints there.

the flock bransonas sock yarn
just one hank of sock yarn

I bought a single hank of sock yarn — The Flock Bransonas handpainted sock yarn in Hallmark. I love the colors. They had some of the most gorgeous colorways of sock yarn — I displayed my restraint by only buying one hank.

gale's art BFL
Gale’s Art BFL in Proud Peacock

I am a sucker for vibrant handpainted fiber. I love to spin it — it keeps me entertained. I finally picked “Proud Peacock” out of all of the Gale’s Art colorways. This is 4oz of BFL.

wild meadow angora batts
wild meadow angora batts

In the main hall, I always stop at Wild Meadow Angora and never buy anything. They are the one by one of the side doors of the main hall with the electric spinners. My mom and aunt asked a lot of questions while Jerry spun on the electric spinner and I finally picked out two 1oz batts of mostly blue with green. I love to spin from a batt and I haven’t spun angora yet, so we’ll see how this goes. Mom is allergic to angora, so sadly she couldn’t pet the batts.

brooks farm primero
brooks farm primero

My second to last purchase was made on my second visit to Brooks Farm. Every year I find myself fondling the Primero and every year I step away from it and spend the whole year thinking about it. This year my mom said, “you know, if you pet it every year, look at it, and think about it all year, you may as well buy it.” So I did. I bought one hank of the Primero, planning to make something like their Circular Scarf in Old Shale Pattern. I am completely in love with this yarn and want to knit it up posthaste!

the colors!
more brooks farm

The final items I bought were two pepper plants — a serrano and a thai chili. I didn’t start any peppers this year and I had room in the raised bed for a couple more plants. Hooray! We love serranos and thai chiles.

My mom and aunt picked up a few items, but not much. We had a grand ol’ time, even if I did not find a Lendrum bag or yarn for the husband’s Fugl.

Hope to see everyone again next year!

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  1. Kristin on May 4th, 2008

    Sounds like a great time! The stash enhancements are beautiful! :)

  2. Julie on May 4th, 2008

    Beautiful stuff. I’m still jealous. ;) And I think I’m upset at all the Brooks Farm yarn I see everywhere. So lovely!

  3. sonia on May 4th, 2008

    ooh that sock yarn is making me salivate :D

  4. stacey on May 5th, 2008

    I’m so sad we missed each other! Wasn’t that Sheep Incognito booth great!!! Looks like you finally got your MD groove on – it took me 4 years!

  5. SoKnitpicky on May 5th, 2008

    I’m so jealous that you got to go :-) Thanks for your comments on my Currer. I looked very closely at the close-up photo detail of Currer on the Berroco website and it actually looks to me like the decreases were done like what the pattern says, so I think it’s a design element, not an error, but who knows. I hope you have good luck with yours. I think actually part of why it didn’t work for me was that I’m not busty-hippy enough. It looks way better on the model. Without the natural curves, it really did nothing for me, even when pulling the fronts together and even when I repinned things a bit to see what it would look like with a bit of negative ease.

  6. gleek on May 5th, 2008

    well, it looks like you picked all winners! and i love the sheep trials too. lots of fun :)

  7. Jessica on May 8th, 2008

    Great pictures! Looks like you made some very good choices there. I was looking at those batts too, but I figured I’d better walk away since I’m growing my own angora now. ;)