There Has Been Knitting

There has been knitting, yarn purchasing, a tiny bit of spinning (my knee can’t hold up to it for long), physical therapy, playoff hockey, photos taken, programming, yardwork, birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrations …

Basically everything except blogging.

cabled hoodie
sweater pieces

I have been fairly project monogamous — my goal is to finish this sweater (Patons Cabled Hoodie from Street Smart) so I can move onto a certain summery sweater project.

I’ve completed the back, sleeves, and 75% of one front. I have the other front to knit and then I need to make a decision: hood or no hood? I love hoodies and wear them ALL the time, but I am tempted to do a tall ribbed collar on this one for some reason.

It’s not very exciting — but I am very much enjoying knitting it! — and the yarn is so neutral that it simply doesn’t seem like much fun to take photos of.

rusty truck
red tulip

Luckily I have plenty other non-neutral-colored things to take photos of.

7 Comments so far

  1. stacey on April 18th, 2008

    The hoodie (or non-hoodie) looks great. I love the color…..great nature photos – it’s really looking like spring!

  2. Kris on April 18th, 2008

    The sweater looks great, but the other pics are delish!

  3. Dawn on April 18th, 2008

    The neutral knitting make for the perfect back drop for all that other color. Pretty.

  4. julie on April 18th, 2008

    Tulips are my favorite ever, and for some reason the (For)D photo sticks in my head. Can’t wait to see the finished sweater. :o)

  5. gleek on April 19th, 2008

    you’ve been busy! i love the sweater :)

  6. Kristina on April 19th, 2008

    I love that sweater — it is on my some-day list (like so many other much-loved patterns).

    Great color, too. :)

  7. leslie on April 22nd, 2008

    beautiful sweater.
    the photos are gorgeous!!