Progress, Or Rather Lack Thereof

Monday was a company holiday and on Sunday I came up with fantastic
plans for it.. I was going to sit in the basement, work on Rogue, drink
coffee/tea/hot cocoa, and have a fire in the wood burning stove.

Monday morning came earlier than expected. It was the perfect day for
staying inside and working with wool: drizzly, breezy, and cool. I made
brunch, and prepared to work on Rogue. I had plans to get to the
front/back split!

Then DH wanted to go out to one of the local computer stores, and I
agreed to go with him. After all, my computer geek self generally outweighs my
fiber geek self [heck, I am a href="">certified computer scientist - ha].

We came home with a new toy for me:

alt="koigu, lego, and droog" title="koigu, droog, and lego"

I moved the yarn for this!
koigu is welcoming it to the family

This has now absorbed my attention the past two days. Configuration,
acclimation, the whole bit. What does this mean? It means Rogue is
sitting here looking forlornly at me:

alt="forlorn rogue" title="forlorn rogue" border="2">

I’m so sorry, Rogue

I’m sorry, Rogue. I promise I’ll get back to you soon.

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