Mitten Love

I have been following Jan’s (be*mused) absolutely gorgeous mitten knitting (also this one). Each mitten is gorgeous — the patterns, the colors, the shape. Oh, mittens!

I had a couple of talks with E (Poking My Eyes Out) about not wanting to knit two mittens. I just want to knit singles. But possibly many, many singles. I had some crazy idea about wanting to hang them as decoration, like from a decorative clotheline. E suggested frames/shadowboxes and assured me that I wasn’t (too too) crazy to think of colorful mittens as art/decoration!

I pulled Latvian Mittens (Upitis) and Knitting Marvelous Mittens (Schurch) out of the bookcase and spent some time flipping through them, thinking about color combinations. I picked out colors (just three: sky blue, plain ol’ blue, and ORANGE). I picked out a few patterns (Latvian only). I cast on using the 2-color cast on. I worked the Latvian 2-color braid. I knit.

I got to this point and decided that the uppermost cuff band was not working for me. It was too large relative to the size of the mitten.

latvian mitten

I thought about it. Should I rip? Should I leave it? I like the pattern, just not at this scale.

Eventually I decided that if I were going to knit these as decoration, I should have no question about the pattern. I frogged.

mitten cuff
mitten cuff

I am back where I started. I’ve picked a new band that I think I will be happier with. I can’t wait to finish this mitten and move on to the next one!

[also, here's a bunch of free Latvian mitten/glove charts. Oh! Mittens! ]

3 Comments so far

  1. Julie on March 28th, 2008

    So much fun! Can you believe I’ve never done colorwork? Mittens are such a temptation to try. Maybe this year sometime.

  2. Dawn on March 28th, 2008

    You’re smitten with mittens. How cute.

  3. stacey on March 31st, 2008

    Mittens are easy to get hooked on! Singles will look so beautiful as a garland or framed as decoration! Especially with the colors you are using!