FO: Right-Handed Mittens [?!?]

Right-handed mittens? Huh?


Still confused?

writing a note
writing a note

Yes, this is another pair of mismatched mittens. One mitten is a standard plain old mitten. It’s the one I wear on my left hand. The other mitten has a flip top for my right hand — so I can take notes, punch buttons on my phone, open my travel coffee mug, or take photos.

I knit the plain left mitten in the car on our drive up to Toronto. I held it up to DH and said, “look! I knit a mitten!”

DH said, “So? It’s plain. You can knit things much more complicated than that. I’m not impressed.”


At that point I decided the second mitten would definitely have a flip-top. That’s more complicated, right?


I knit the mittens on US3 Knit Picks Harmony double pointed needles. The yarn is Interlacements Toasty Toes — it keeps my fingers just as toasty. I started the mittens on 30 December 2007 and finished them on 4 January 2008 (but they really only took about 6 hours total knitting time).

silly me
I am silly

They are funky and fun and functional and I like them!

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  1. Kara on January 11th, 2008

    On flip top per set, you could be starting a major trend here!

  2. stacey on January 11th, 2008

    what a great idea! why make a flip top for a hand you really don’t use the fingers on!

  3. Holly Jo on January 11th, 2008

    Eliminates second mitten syndrome, eh?

  4. Julie on January 11th, 2008

    I think it’s super smart. And phooey on DH for not thinking so too. ;o) Brilliant, actually.

  5. Sara on January 14th, 2008

    what a clever idea! so functional, plus you get to avoid second mitten syndrome. great job. :-)

  6. Diane E. on January 14th, 2008

    What a great idea, and nice yarn color!

  7. Millie on February 21st, 2008

    Like to find the pattern for the flip-top mittens they are so kool!

    Thank you