Dreaming in Color

Three nights ago, I had a dream about href="http://www.kaffefassett.com/">Kaffe Fassett. I am not sure
what was going on, just that there was a lot of color and knitting going

It sure beat my night terrors and sleep paralysis two nights ago.


A quick update on my stashbusting: despite receiving a number of yarn
catalogs in the past week and being alerted to the existence of Noro
yarn on Discount Yarn
, I have not purchased needles, yarn, patterns, or notions. So
far, it’s been an interesting exercise and not nearly as difficult as
the last few times I have attempted a yarn diet.

The second part of this month’s incentive goal is to spin up at least
4oz of fiber from my stash. I have not been able to find any spinning
time — hockey season pretty much kills most of your evenings when you’re
a season ticket holder! If I make it through this month without spending
any money on fiber/needles/patterns, I still have to spin up the 4oz of
fiber from the stash before I am allowed to place my order with href="http://www.graftonfibers.com/">Grafton Fibers.

However, I think I am going to try to clear out a bobbin this
weekend and start spinning something new. Perhaps the href="http://www.knittersreview.com/article_yarn.asp?article=/review/product/050922_a.asp">Corriedale pencil
roving I ordered from href="http://www.crownmountainfarms.com/">Crown Mountain Farms
months ago or
the href="http://www.crownmountainfarms.com/html/colorways-merten.html">merino/tencel
blend dyed by Nancy Finn/Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks.

Rogue is still waiting patiently on the corner of my desk and I have my
part of the the secret project to work on. And socks, always socks!

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