Not In the Mood?!

For possibly the first time since I started, I am in a sock-making rut.

I started out crocheting socks. I learned to knit solely (pun not intended!) to make socks. I’ve been knitting socks (and er, buying lots of sock yarn) since.

So why is it that I am now just … not … interested in knitting socks?

Even these:

badcaul in shibui sock (pagoda)
badcaul in shibui sock (pagoda)

I love this pattern, I love the yarn (shibui sock in pagoda)… but I am just not feeling it.

Help! Am I sick? I may just focus on sweaters for a while.

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  1. Liz on October 23rd, 2007

    Not every day is a sock day. Not every month is a sock month.

  2. Deneen on October 23rd, 2007

    No you’re not sick, just lost your sock mojo-it’ll come back-move on and come back….

  3. Ashley on October 23rd, 2007

    Eh, it happens. I go in phases about things too. Not to worry–it’ll come back, especially with yarn that pretty waiting for you!

  4. Jess on October 23rd, 2007

    I hope your sock-knitting mojo comes back soon. Maybe it’s on vacation with mine – once the weather turned cold I was completely disinterested in knitting socks. Sweaters do make a good substitution though.

  5. Julie on October 23rd, 2007

    Yeah, what Liz said!

    You’ll come back to it, I’m sure of it. I crocheted socks for quite a while, got tired of it and stopped for a couple of years. Then the knit-sock thing started and I’m in the mood but I know better than to expect it to last for long. It will come back, those lovely red socks will be finished someday and you’ll be giddy for it. I promise.

  6. kelp! on October 24th, 2007

    Can I swap my sweaters for you to finish, and I’ll knit your socks? Because that would be awesome.

  7. Dawn on October 24th, 2007

    Oh, those are pretty! the color and the pattern. So tell me, it is faster/easier to knit two socks at once? I find I get that second sock syndrome and it is soooo hard to make the mate. Your sock love will return. Right now you need to make what your heart is telling you. You just can’t force these things. The socks will wait. UFO are good that way.

  8. gleek on October 24th, 2007

    maybe it’s the two-at-one-time thing? whenever i have tried to knit two socks at once i get bored so quick. i think it’s more fun to knit them individually.

  9. stacey on October 24th, 2007

    if you are sick, it has to be contagious. I too am not feeling the sock love right now….

  10. Laura on October 24th, 2007

    You know what this means, time to go sock yarn shopping. You need a new color or two. :0) I love to be the great enabler. I am off my sock mojo as well since I finished my troubled socks from Sock Wars 2, I have no desire to knit the things and I have people wanting socks. I even went so far as to buy them each a set of brittany birch dpns and some yarn to hand them for Christmas with the message, learn to knit your own and leave me alone! I am in mitten world right now…sigh!

  11. Cookie on October 24th, 2007

    It’s like any other relationship. You can’t miss them if they never go away.