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I finished a sweater on Sunday, but it needs buttons! The 90°F temperature we’ve been suffering in lately hasn’t helped motivate me to go on a button search at my LFS.

I started another sweater (Celtic Dreams needs another sleeve and a half but I am not mentally up for cabling right now):

corset top
Annie Modesitt’s Corset Tank Top

I’ve had the yarn and the pattern for this ready for over a year (possibly two). I finally started it (and promptly messed up the lace pattern, but I think I like it this way). My version will have actual sleeves since it’s in Knit Picks Elegance, a blend of baby alpaca and silk (read: WARM, will be worn in fall/winter).

As for other crafty things, I finally picked up a rotary cutter and mat. Wow! Love.


Maybe soon there will be pillows for the sunroom.

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  1. stacey on October 10th, 2007

    oooh – love that red…very rich….our weather finally broke here – now it’s in the 60s!

  2. Kristina on October 12th, 2007

    Oh, pretty fabric! I can’t wait to get my house all unpacked and put away. Then, I need to buy a table for my sewing machine (something that can be put away, when necessary). Then I have to sew all the fabric I have been buying. Must go unpack NOW!!