friday night
Rogue Kells tall one, Manos cardigan

After a long day (week!) at work followed by moving 2.5 cubic yards of mulch in an hour, I figure I deserve a tall cool one and some knitting time. Don’t you agree?

Happy weekending!

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  1. Kris on September 21st, 2007

    Of course you deserve it.

  2. Andrea on September 22nd, 2007

    I agree! (I’ll be moving mud myself tomorrow morning.)

  3. Dawn on September 22nd, 2007

    Yes sir-ree. Hope you have plenty of knitting time over the weekend.

  4. Heather on September 22nd, 2007

    Tall cool one: always. Love that Manos as well!

  5. stacey on September 24th, 2007

    um, yeah. that is a lot of mulch!!!

  6. E on September 25th, 2007

    Happy Monday. Maybe we all get some knitting time this week :)

  7. Laura on September 25th, 2007

    I love that color, it is so pretty!