Sockapaloooza the Third

Alison of the blue
is hosting href="">Sockapaloooza for a
third time!

alt="sockapaloooza" title="sockapaloooza" border="0">

For me, this is sockapaloooza the first. The previous two rounds I had
other responsibilities, but this time my other responsibilities are at
the beginning and end of the sockapaloooza window, which leaves me plenty
of socking fun time!

I signed up right around midnight last night. I love making socks for
other people, so it should be a lot of fun.

Alison has signups up until 23:59 eastern time tonight, so if you
want to join, please do! If you can’t, be sure to check out Alison’s
beautiful blue blog where she will have links to the sockapaloooza
participant’s socks in progress (with hundreds of people, this makes
for one long blog-reading morning).

[and psst, crocheters -- you're welcome to join in. href="">feet need socks has a number of
crocheted sock patterns listed.]

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