Ah, Drat

I started this tiny project thinking, “it’s okay if I run out of yarn on the MDK kimono, I am going to need another skein to make the matching strawberry hat anyway.”

mdk kimono
almost but not quite there…
don’t worry, it will be washed before gifting

I got to this point and stopped, putting it on a holder. But it kept nagging me to go get the extra yarn to finish it since I need to have it ready to gift in a week.

So I took a late lunch today and checked the local AC Moore. And they still have the yarn (my beloved TLC Cotton Plus — my favorite washable, inexpensive, durable, soft cotton-acrylic blend), but not this color (the appropriately named “red”).

Drat. I can order the skein I need from Joann’s and add 1 or 2 day shipping (at $7.50-20 additional for a $2.40 skein of yarn!), but I would rather pick it up locally.

For tonight, it’s back to yet-another baby knit — this seed stitch hooded jacket in Araucania Nature Cotton (thanks Knit Happens sale)!

seed stitch hooded jacket
few things make me as happy as this cottony textured square-ish fabric

And with 4 100g hanks of the nature cotton, I am fairly certain I am not going to run out of it (knock on wood)!

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  1. Julie on April 30th, 2007

    Double drat – I was just looking at that yarn at my Michaels today and I know for a fact they didn’t have any red. How easy would that have been! I’d have snatched it up for you in an instant, darn it!

  2. kelp! on May 1st, 2007

    Cutie sweaters! I just started a seed stitch baby sweater, but yours looks so much prettier in the handdyed yarn! Seed stitch is so smooshy, I keep pausing to smoosh it as I knit.

  3. stacey on May 2nd, 2007

    No! How frustrating!!!! Can they call and get some from another store?

  4. [...] If you recall, I ran out of yarn on the MDK baby kimono I was making for a coworker. I drove around to a number of shops that carry TLC Cotton Plus, but no one had the red color. So I ripped back one side to make the red the same length and knit the rest in ecru. I hate how it looks, so I dropped it and decided maybe I just wouldn’t make this coworker anything. [...]