Home Again, Home Again

DH and I returned home Saturday evening after a week+ in gorgeous, sunny, warm Florida. We did a lot of fishing, played with the dogs, and I managed to find some time to finish my Something Red Purple!

I love the sweater so much that it is requiring a lot of effort to not allow myself to wear it out in public before I wash and block it (which it really needs due to some uneven stitching). Overall I am very happy with it, the modifications I made, the input from DH that I took under advisement. But I’ll elaborate on that once I have pictures of it post-blocking — and I may just wear it to MD next weekend!

I didn’t touch the socks (gasp!) and I only finished one miter — I need more Tahki Cotton Classic to work the next joined square. I am missing greens, yellow, beige, brown, and pinks. Once I pick up more TCC, I can get moving on more squares. I was inspired by some colors in Florida that I hope to share as I make the related miters.

One inspiration is this friendly creature. S/He was fishing in the bayou along with us and popped up right next to our boat to say hi our last day on the island.

the friendly dolphin
the friendly, hungry dolphin

[aside: if I missed replying to a comment recently: sorry! I came back to a ton of comment spam despite using Bad Behavior, which normally catches everything. I turned on Akismet -- I've had trouble in the past with Akismet tagging comments improperly, so I hope I can keep a handle on it. If you notice something weird, please let me know! Thanks! ]

5 Comments so far

  1. Jess on April 25th, 2007

    Welcome back! I’m glad you had a good trip and I can’t wait to see your Something Purple!

  2. Holly Jo on April 26th, 2007

    Glad you had a good time. Can’t wait to see the sweater.

  3. Dawn on April 26th, 2007

    So glad you had a fun filled trip. We are going to Florida at the end of June and I can’t wait. It is one of my favorite states. Love the photo. What a great shot.

  4. Kristin on April 26th, 2007

    I’m glad you had a nice trip! I can’t wait to see Something Red!

    Great picture! Dolphins are my favorite!

  5. stacey on April 26th, 2007

    can’t wait to see the sweater next weekend! we have to plan to meet up!