Crafting Time?

Apparently I was delusional when I thought that I would have plenty
of time this weekend to knit, crochet, and spin. I thought I would be
able to sit around and watch the Olympics (I am not a Crochet or
Knitting Olympian, but I am enjoying watching everyone else’s
Olympic progress!) and enjoy the 10″ of snow they predicted for the DC

Instead, I spent Sunday cleaning the house, shoveling snow, and
supervising DH chainsawing the href="">tree that fell down
over the stairs to our front door all the while tending to my very
sore throat and extreme sensitivity to breathing.

Today, I emailed into work sick (thankfully, because I have been
coughing nonstop!). On my perfectly healthy days, I always think, “hey, a
sick day would be nice, then I can stay home all day and knit/spin/crochet!”
Instead I have spent the day hacking and napping. I do not have the
brainpower to focus on anything more than bad daytime tv for small periods
of time.

So no, no crafting is happening here. Keep posting your Olympic
updates everyone — I am living my crafting vicariously through you (for
the short periods of time I can focus on blog reading

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