Purple Produce Eater

When you are stuck in bed unable to code or design a new database schema, much less cable a sweater, sometimes you can still knit something small and plain in the round.

purple produce hat
a raspberry, plum, grape, or eggplant? I’ll let the parents decide.
my monkey rules. thanks, Moo!

I don’t think I like this one nearly as much as the strawberry or tomato hats I’ve made, but I did adjust the pattern for a smaller head and I made up the crown decreases. I think the pattern version is better!

Still, I think the parents (a coworker and his wife) will approve and enjoy it for their newborn girl.

Some days you need cheering up by way of red sneakers and stripey handknit socks.

ladybug in vans
pants pulled up for photo-taking only

Today is one of those days.

10 Comments so far

  1. Andrea on February 12th, 2007

    *hugs* … I hope you feel better soon! A good pair of fun, homemade socks sure is nice some days!

  2. Adam on February 12th, 2007

    Love the hat, it looks so fun!

    And my red sneakers and hand-knit socks always cheer me up :)

  3. Kristin on February 12th, 2007

    My cheer up sneakers are pink…guess we all have a pair!

    I love the hat!

  4. Dawn on February 12th, 2007

    The hat is sooo cute! and what do you mean “the pants are pulled up for photo taking only”. You mean you don’t wear high waters on a regular basis? Dang.

  5. katie on February 12th, 2007

    Eggplant, definitely. And cute shoes!

  6. caitlyn on February 12th, 2007

    Cute hat!
    I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  7. Leah on February 13th, 2007

    I like the hat & the monkey model!! Now the socks & shoes…. those are enough to make anyone feel good!! :)

  8. Holly Jo on February 13th, 2007

    Hope you feel more cheery tomorrow and can come up with a schema. :)

    Love the eggplant hat because it looks like an eggplant with the large green crown. Perfect.

  9. Dipsy D. on February 17th, 2007

    Oy – I’m sending all good wishes and positive energies over to you across the pond! And hey, I totally love the hat – and the sneakers with the socks rock big time too!

  10. stacey on February 20th, 2007

    ugh – totally frustrating! but, a cute hat and handknit socks for sure help!