Birthday Wishes and SockapalOOOza

First: happy birthday to E of href="">Poking My Eyes Out! Pop by
and wish her a happy one!

Second: check out href="">this week’s
SockapalOOOza update! There are some fantastic socks and yarns and
progress in that list!

As for me — I have now ordered three different sock yarns for socks
for my sockapalOOOza pal. Two different superwash yarns I have wanted to
try — a perfect solution for the sock pal sock yarn selection!

I still need a pattern, but I am thinking about href="">Marnie
MacLean’s Wyvern as one possibility. Another possibility is a
pattern of my own creation.

I just have to wait and see when the yarns arrive… due to some
mill problems, one will not arrive for ~2-3 weeks and the others are
hand-dyed and shouldn’t arrive for at least 2 weeks. Perfect timing
really, given the secret knitting project that has precedence over all
other projects will be complete in the next 2-3 weeks!

Third: confidential to DH who brings me medicine and flowers when I
am sick and asks me about my projects and doesn’t tease me too much
about all the yarn/fiber — love you, hon.

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