Alive and Well

I am still around. Knitting? A little. No spinning. What does that mean? Nothing to blog.

Why have I been so sparse? A combination of the holidays, my job, the Caps recent homestand and the fact that I have been living at the ice skating rink.

Unless I learn how to pause time, I don’t think I am going to finish the Deep V Argyle Vest before Christmas Eve. It doesn’t help that Mom pointed out that I could give it to the intended recipient for her birthday. D’oh!

Anyway, the Winter Knitty is up and there is a very appropriate pattern for the likes of new rink rat me!

I am also in love with the dragon and Sheldon the Turtle patterns — I was designing a turtle pattern that was very similar before I uh, lost interest.

And psst — there’s another Cookie A. sock pattern!

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  1. knittingphilistine on December 8th, 2006

    It’s good to participate in a variety of activities, rather than limiting one’s spare time solely to knitting…while tempting, it can make for a boring existence – and my boyfriend incessantly reminds me so. And you really do need those awesome *blade sweaters* for your skates! (What a stylish used of Kureyon!)

  2. gleek on December 9th, 2006

    i LOVE sheldon the turtle. i must make one :) good to hear you’re still alive over there!