When I wrote up my yarn diet rules and regulations, I did
(semi-intentionally) created some loopholes.

One of those loopholes has to do with buying yarn for others. Yarn
purchases are allowable if it is for a gift.

That loophole lead to this being in my possession currently:

alt="araucania nature wool" title="araucania nature wool"

araucania nature wool, aran and chunky

Eda at Poking My Eyes
asked me to pick up one of each since she is considering the
Araucania Nature Wool Chunky for a sweater for her lovely mom. AC Moore,
one of my local craft stores, carries this yarn, so I could pick it up
in person since I had to go there for dpns in an appropriate size. I
picked up one hank of aran (doesn’t look like aran), and one hank of

[I will freely admit that between href="http://noricum.blogspot.com/">A's (of Soapbox) Olympic Sweater
and Katie's
(of jejune) Mariah
, I had to have a red shade of the supposedly aran
weight Araucania. Even if just to swatch. I sure love me some red!]

The loophole is — this does not count against my yarn diet. I am
winding these and then shipping them to Eda. A “gift” for her, but I also
get to pet and swatch and enjoy in this very small, non-garment-sized

Am I a cheater? Maybe a little. I see it more as continuing to be an
enabler while I am on my stashbusting yarn expedition. I am a
fantastic yarn enabler, after all. I can’t just stop enabling
other people because I’m on a yarn diet!

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