Fun in the Mail

Last week was a fantastic mail week! In addition to some items I
ordered, I received a surprise!

alt="crocheted socks" title="crocheted socks" border="2">

crocheted socks from Deneen, click to embiggen

I have ordered three different scents of Deneen’s Whipped Shea Buttah
(click here to look at her
current available scents
– they are fantastic) and I received
Ylang-Ylang and Lavender-Vanilla on Saturday along with the above
surprise! Gorgeous crocheted socks in a very autumnal colorway — I
love them! And they fit, which is amazing since I don’t think Deneen
actually knows quite what size my feet are. Thanks, Deneen!

alt="sockapaloooza" title="sockapaloooza" border="0">

A quick sockapalOOOza update:

alt="socks that rock in lapis" title="socks that rock in lapis"

alt="socks that rock in lapis" title="socks that rock in lapis"

Socks That Rock, Lapis Colorway

This is the sock yarn for my sockapalOOOza pal’s socks! What with the
yarn diet, I have not been ordering any yarn. Since I am allowed to
order yarn for my sock pal without breaking my yarn diet and I have
drooled over everyone’s Socks That Rock in blogland, I decided that I
would order sockpal some STR. I ordered it directly from href="">Blue Moon Fiber Arts.
Despite a mill problem that resulted in what I was informed might be a
2-3 week delay, the yarn arrived within a week of my order!

It is every bit as gorgeous and soft as everyone has said. Now I am
onto the hard part — selecting a pattern for it that is mildly
interesting without becoming hidden by the gorgeous colorway. This might
mean that I use something like href="">Thuja.
Only toe-up and with two different sized ribs… I can’t follow
any pattern exactly.

Making ribbed socks for sockapalOOOza feels like a cop-out! I want to
make fantastic crazy socks for my sock pal, but not with this yarn,
where an interesting pattern will be obscured by the colorway. [Also,
sockpal does not want lace, so feather+fan/old shale is out.]

So now the question is: will it pool terribly? My fingers are crossed
(I am too … lazy to work from both ends).

These will be my airport/flight knitting for my trip to Seattle later
this week! An added bonus is that href="">E of Poking My Eyes Out will
get to pet Socks that Rock for the first time.

[and psst, check out href="">this
post at poking my eyes out -- there is a little yarn shop in my old
stomping grounds in Bellevue and they have some gorgeous fiber. Oh, we
will be stopping there later this week! Mmm fiber!]

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