The Curse of the Never-ending Yoke

About a week and a half ago, while I was working on the super
secret project with E of
Poking My Eyes Out
, I decided I was going to start a short-sleeved
ribbed raglan top with some cotton blend stash yarn. Why would I do
such a thing?

  • I was bored with the secret project and everything else on the

  • I wanted a project I could finish quickly
  • I wanted a springtime, plain garment to wear to work
  • I wanted to pseudo-design something myself
  • I wanted to test the yarn as it is an option for one of my future
    big projects

All good reasons, right?

This coincided with everyone working on their Olympic
Knitting/Crocheting and I felt inspired to attempt to finish the top
quickly. I decided that if I finished it before I left for Seattle on
1 March, that I could buy an entire garment’s worth of spring/summer
yarn while in Seattle. Motivation, you see.

alt="ribby top "title="ribby top" border="2">

alt="ribby top" border="2" title="ribby top">

ribbed short-sleeve raglan top

I have been working on the yoke now for what feels like forever! The
rounds are getting smaller, but still they go on! I had the
mistaken impression that it would be like toe decreases on a sock.
Instead I just keep knitting away and measuring and wishing it would be
tall enough to fit over my shoulders already, or time for me to start
the neck shaping.

Tonight will be my last night to get any knitting done on it. While
I am pessimistic about finishing, I am pleased with what I have
accomplished so far. My first bottom-up raglan (well, my first raglan period),
I made up the “pattern,” I am using stash yarn, and I think it is going
to fit okay (though I have a bit less negative ease in it than I
expected, so I think it might be a little bigger than I hoped).

I won’t expect to finish the knitting, but I will try to get there
amidst the packing and planning and list-making and sock toe starting
tonight. Even if I don’t finish, I am allowing myself to purchase a
garment’s worth of yarn (and pattern) if I find the perfect match
of yarn and pattern.

It’s a vacation — I’m allowed!

[coming later: list of yarn shops to visit, yarns to seek out
and pet, patterns to look for, and my target list of things to buy. Fun

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