The Seattle Plan

Among the things that href="">PokingMyEyesOut E and I have
in common is our need to plan and make lists. Since I am subjecting her
(and her DH) to me for a few days, it is only proper and polite to also
have a plan. With lists! Many lists.

Among the lists I have written we have: clothes to pack, stuff to buy before
I leave, toiletries to pack, fun stuff to pack, places to eat, places to
visit, yarn to pet, and things to buy. There are others!

I’m not kidding when I say I write a lot of lists.

Onto the fun stuff… planning!

Shops to visit — aside from PF, shops I haven’t been to yet:

  • Parkside Wool (Bellevue)
  • Acorn Street Shop

  • Hilltop East (Bellevue)
  • Pacific Fabrics
    (Issaquah one?)

  • A possible return visit to href="">Weaving Works if we are in the
    area and have time, but it is not necessary and likely will fill my bag
    and kill my budget

  • possible trip to Hilltop-QA if we are in QA for other things

Yarn to Pet (if found):

  • Dale Svale
  • Classic Elite BamBoo
  • Classic Elite Four Seasons
  • Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
  • RYC Natural Silk Aran
  • GGH Samoa
  • Artful Yarns Olympic
  • Frog Tree Cotton/Silk (sportweight)
  • Cascade Sierra
  • Karabella Zodiac Solid
  • other spring/summer cotton/tencel/silk/bamboo/etc blends.

Patterns to Look For:

  • Karabella 417 (Aurora4 ls top)
  • CEY 9070 Boathouse
  • CEY 9062 Farm
  • Rowan Classic Beach
  • lace triangular shawl of some sort

Stuff to Buy:

  • orange chibi
  • pattern[s] above
  • no more than 8 12oz of fiber
  • garment worth of yarn (+ pattern if I don’t already have it)
  • one pair of socks worth of sock yarn from every store (specifically
    looking for sock yarns I haven’t used. or LL solids. Or koigu.)

  • Cascade Fixation in some nice solid colors (separate from above)
  • ??

I think that’s it. I wonder if I am missing anything…

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