Like an idiot, I forgot to get a modeled picture of the finished Holiday Sweater 1 (given as a graduation present since it was done in time for the graduation party). I am an idiot. Here’s hoping I can get someone else to take a picture of it on my youngest sister for me.

I have so many socks that need finishing right now and I want to start new socks! I am bad. B-A-D bad.

[my Fall IK came. I like four things: Jodi's Gatsby Girl Pullover, Evelyn A. Clark's Shallowtail Shawl, Véronik Avery's Weekend Pullover (minus the side vents and the turtleneck, neither of which work for my body), and Ann E. Smith's Sienna Cardigan. What do I have the yarn for? None of it, unless I use the rowanspun dk for Gatsby Girl instead of a simple raglan.]

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  1. julie on August 3rd, 2006

    I think I noticed new socks on the KP main page today. I didn’t tell you that. ;o)