Frustration Resolution

When I am frustrated, I like to do two things. The first is work on something simple that shows progress quickly (see holiday sweater 1). The second thing I do is buy stuff.

I have been so frustrated for the past week that I’ve bought shoes, fabric, yarn, a new omelette pan, books, and cds. Oops!

Two of the many scores:

calmer in peacock
rowan calmer in peacock for audrey

Knit Happens is having a sale [!!] on Calmer [!!!] — $8/ball! I’ve been planning to knit Audrey for almost forever (I think I ordered Rowan #35 about a year ago) but I scrapped my original plan to use Cotton-Ease and I’ve just been holding off on picking up appropriate yarn.

I noticed the Calmer on sale a while back — a month ago? Maybe more. I avoided buying it then, but when I came across it a second time, I decided it was worth it. I love the color for fall. One of my coworkers said it was a very masculine color, which is true, though I don’t think anyone will be confused once it’s knit up into Audrey!

100 zippers from zipperstop
zippers from zipperstop

I forget now (doh!) whose blog I saw mentioned that Zipperstop sell lots of zippers on ebay for cheap prices. I got this set of 100 zippers between 4-8″ long for $20. Given that I spend something like $3-5 or more at the fabric store on one zipper, I decided these would be perfect for the inner pocket of bags without breaking the bank. I am pleased!

Today I picked out a different bag pattern for my KSKS pal — it’s actually a diaper bag from Sewing 101 (the orange book). My thought is that it would work great as an everything bag — yarn, everyday things — and by using non-pastel fabric, it shouldn’t look especially diaper-bag-like. I’m hoping to pick up some different fabric for it this weekend and start working on it.

2 Comments so far

  1. gleek on July 8th, 2006

    i hear ya on the shopping. i always shop for new things when i’m frustrated with how current projects are going! it’s such a bad habit of mine :)

    thanks for the tip on zipperstop! that’s a good buy on all those zippers.

  2. caro on July 21st, 2006

    The colour of the calmer is gorgeous! It will be perfect for Audrey. Good deal on those zippers, eh? I’ve already used 10 of mine. Love ‘em!