We Have Come to an Understanding

Today, I woke up before 8. I never wake up before 8 on the weekend, and certainly never on Sunday (house cleaning day). Maybe it was because I was so sore from 6+ hours working on the front yard on Saturday. Whatever it was, after being awake for two hours and taking the dogs on a 2 mile walk, I was ready to go shopping.

I didn’t plan to go into JoAnn’s, but the store I was going to didn’t open for another 15 minutes, and JoAnns was right next door and open. I have a Knit Sock Kit to make for my sock pal, and while I have bits and pieces of the kit worked out, for the actual bag I do not other than planning to sew it (and having a couple of patterns in mind).

JoAnn’s had fat quarters on sale. I love fat quarters. I started buying fat quarters when I was about 8 — there was a craft store right next to the grocery store my mom used to shop at. I only hand-sewed then, and not very well. It didn’t matter: I loved the colors, the softness of the cotton, the fact that they fit into my 8-year-old budget.

fat quarter sale
I love fat quarters, especially when they are on sale

Not much has changed in twenty years.

The cashier at JoAnn’s asked me, “are you making a quilt?” I blinked a little, and said I wasn’t sure. She smiled and said, “ahh, you must just be adding to the stash.” I giggled and agreed. I am well-acquainted with stash.

The biggest problem with buying fabric (and I have quite a stash of fabric these days) is that I have not used my sewing machine at all. I bought it, turned it on to make sure it worked, and promptly left it sitting on my desk. I never used a sewing machine in home economics in school (that I recall). My mom always seemed to be wrestling with her sewing machine (but she used to make really cute Halloween costumes for my siblings!). My sewing machine, I was quite scared of it.

More behind the cut.

After brunch and a few chores around the house, I decided it was time to find the bag of accessories that came with my sewing machine. I cleaned off my desk, went through two bookcases, all of my craft books, fiber, fabric, yarn, camera lenses, bills … no bag of accessories. I got really angry at myself for misplacing it.

I took a break and knit the heel of a sock to relax. Ahh, short row heel, how I love thee.

Post heel, I checked Simplicity’s page for my machine, which said that in that bag was: All purpose foot, Zipper foot,Button attaching foot, Buttonhole foot, Roller foot, Blindhem foot, 1/4″ straight stitch foot, Needle set, Screwdriver(s), Bobbins, Seam ripper.

That’s a lot of stuff! I inspected the machine, and ascertained that the all-purpose foot was already attached, a general weight needle was already inserted, and one single bobbin was in the bobbin holder, already pre-loaded with pink thread.

I decided that I could pick up some spare bobbins and needles at the fabric store the next time I went and that what I had was sufficient to play with the machine at least.

Play I did! I ironed the fabric I pre-washed last weekend, cut the fabric, and then made two things — a pillowcase (yes, I can mostly seam a rectangle) and a weird bag-like-thing. I misread directions on the bag, so it er, isn’t what I actually wanted.

weird bag thing
weird bag like thing, will probably become a top-of-desk container
pillow thing
pillow — orangey and red

The biggest progress I made today is that I am no longer frightened of my machine. I expect it to frustrate me soon enough, but today I really enjoyed using it. My machine and I — we have come to an understanding.

[I do wish it had a thread cutter right on the machine though, like E's (PokingMyEyesOut) Bernina. But hey, you get what you pay for. ]

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  1. Andrea on July 3rd, 2006

    Pretty fat quarters! I love fabric too. :) (I mostly manage to restrain myself, since I rarely sew, but I do have a small stash.)

    Did you check in the sewing machine itself for the accessories bag? My sewing machine has a part at the front that comes off (to make the bottom smaller for sewing pant hems and stuff), and there’s a compartment there to hold the bag. (In the part that comes off, that is.)

  2. E on July 3rd, 2006

    OHOH! You and the sewing machine have an understanding! yay for sewing. (and more fabric stash). And you ironed!

    GD and I went to Joann’s too. I bought some fabric for pillows, but different sorta pillow than yours :) (&)(&)

  3. Sarah on July 3rd, 2006

    I love your site! I found you through the sock knitter’s group. Very excellent information on the knit picks needles! I am also a stash-a- holic of all things fibre related, Fat quarters, roving, yarn, knitting needles, books and magazines….ummm I think I have a problem :-)

  4. katie on July 3rd, 2006

    Oh what fun! Good for you for confronting the sewing machine. I’ve gotten mine out of the back closet this summer, and it has been good to play with fabric again.

  5. [...] Oh! and I found my missing sewing machine bag o’ goodies! Now I have 50 bazillion types of feet for the machine and another seam ripper and more plastic bobbins. Hooray! That zipper foot saved me a lot of headaches (and caused a few), I’m sure! [...]