Major Knitter’s Charity Knit Notes

Back in March, I think I read it on Deb’s (ChappysMom — check out her completed Celtic Dreams) blog that Jennifer over at Major Knitter was looking for sock yarn scraps. Coincidentally, I had just pulled together mounds of scraps of sock yarn (which, in my short-sock-loving world are really whole balls of sock yarn) and was planning to offer to give them away here on the blog.

Instead, I sent them to Jennifer, because she was working on a secret charity project and I decided I would love to help her out.

major knitter's knit notes
cute charity knit notes

On Saturday, I received a puffy with these two notes in it, made from sock yarn scraps I sent! I took a terrible picture, but they are the coolest note cards ever. You can see pictures of her process here.

She has not listed them for sale yet, but will be shortly!

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  1. Stacey on June 21st, 2006

    Those are great! I’ll have to check her site to see when she offers them for sale! How neat you got your own scrap yarn back!!!