We Love Gadgets

I am a gadget person. My household — we are a gadget household. I suspect this is why I didn’t get too much resistance when I bought my spinning wheel.

I was reading Vera’s Crafty Blog this morning and she mentioned Knit Picks new interchangable needles.

New needles? New… needles! I must try them! MUST! Gadget. New. Have to have them!

But I try to curb this gadgety urge. I do research. I consider my budget. I try to find a way to test the gadget before investing in it fully.

Reports from Clara over at Knitter’s Review are that they took the slickness of Addis, added much pointier tips (though it doesn’t look nearly as pointy as my Inoxs are), and included the best cable ever (added bonus: it’s purple!).

Not only that, but you can buy additional cables and tips as needed — nice, since I seem to have everything on US5s and US8s right now (not counting all of the socks on US0 and US1). Also, you can choose to just try the system out — buy one set of cables and one set of needle tips for <$10 rather than having to shell out $70 for the set.

Knit Picks also have their own line of “fixed” circulars and double-pointed needles as well, in sizes 0 through 3.

A possible new option for those of us who like the nickel-plated needle feel, but hate the stumpiness of Addi Turbos? We’ll all know soon.

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  1. Dave Daniels on June 19th, 2006

    OH DAMN!!!! All this taunting of needles and such, and their site is down for maintenance. Now I’ll be all obsessed with WAITING and hitting refresh until it comes back. (Boy, I need a life.)
    I, too, find the addi VERY stumpy. I get really bad hand cramps from using them.

  2. Vera on June 19th, 2006

    I love the slickness and the cables joins on Addis, but not the bluntess. I like the pointy tips on the Denise and the interchangeable system, but I don’t like the joins.

    Maybe this can be the best of both worlds, but I’m restraining myself, and will try out some of the circulars first.

  3. Julie on June 19th, 2006

    I ordered a pair of size 5 circulars tonight. Now I just have to wait (impatiently) for them to arrive. Secretly I harbored a desire to try Addis but hadn’t taken the plunge yet. Maybe now I’ll be glad I didn’t. And yes, this does mean that I’ve finally decided to like circulars. I think I got there last Thursday. ;o)

  4. gleek on June 19th, 2006

    oh my god. these look awesome! could our prayers be answered? i already have a lot of needles but i would consider selling my boye needle master in lieu of getting this!

  5. katie on June 19th, 2006

    Oooo… Thanks for the heads up on this, I hadn’t heard of those yet. My birthday is coming up, I might have to start dropping some hints…

  6. Kristina on June 20th, 2006

    This sounds too good to be true!! I love my interchangable Boye set… sort of. I like the theory of it anyway. I REALLY hate the thick cable. It is annoying to work with. I think that I might have to try these out!!

  7. Stacey on June 20th, 2006

    I saw those mentioned over at KR too – I really want to try them – I love my addi’s but they are a bit too stumpy for me!

  8. miss moonbeam on June 20th, 2006

    I have Denise interchangeables and have loved loved loved them. I wish they were bamboo and not plastic sometimes, just because it’s more natural. But have have no trouble with them and the Denise company is so awesome and replaced a cord for me when it was broken by by knitting son, it was pretty much his fault, they replaced them anyway. Good business to keep us knitters happy. I’m wondering how the Knit Picks compares to the Denise needles.

  9. Andrea on June 22nd, 2006

    Oooo… must try!