Dogs Sniff Yarn?

I think my household got confused yesterday, and we combined Dogs Steal Yarn with I Sniff Yarn and ended up with this:

dogs sniff yarn
boris and ging sniff the new yarn

What’s this? Yes, more laceweight stash enhancement. It was inexpensive, it’s Russian, it’s ethereal, and I love it. 100% wool, seems to be cobweb weight [!], or at least quite a bit thinner than my Zephyr (I didn’t check the WPI).

russian cobweb lace

yummy tiny yarn [click to see huge, detail pic]

I ordered the yarn from this Ebay store, which ships from Kiev, Ukraine. It was fairly quick arriving here in the DC area and the prices + shipping are very, very reasonable.

The color is a little different from what I thought. It’s a steel blue, much more blue than grey — I expected more grey than blue (here’s the ebay listing, which calls it “Slate Grey”). However, I love it. It has an interesting depth to it. I have 200g of it, which is 3530 yds [!!]. Do I have any idea what I will make with it? No. But perhaps the Sampler Stole in A Gathering of Lace.

I won’t be swapping out my The Amazing Lace team, but I will say I am slightly tempted!

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  1. GINA on June 2nd, 2006

    I love the color. I would never think to buy yarn on eBay…shows you just how big of a newbie I am!

  2. Julie on June 2nd, 2006

    Oooooh that yarn is gorgeous but I think I’m having those palpitations re: doily class again. That is so fine, so teeny! I can’t imagine knitting with it.

  3. E on June 3rd, 2006

    Ya know. you may have to expand the j-yarn store to include lace yarn ;-). oh and ya know that box I need to send you? the one I want to stuff full? it is difficult (not impossible) to fill when you own all the yarn in the world.


  4. Heather on June 4th, 2006

    What a beautiful dog!

    Loving that yarn too… was just looking at some lace weight Russian yarn on eBay the other day… if I wasn’t on a non-declared but half-hearted attempt not to add to my stash for a while I’d want some.