Crafty Links of the Morn

In Atlanta, two women steal almost $13k worth of yarn (over some period of time)!

Chiengora + amigurumi = these cute cute amigurumi! E, this one is for you!

As usual, Jenna of The Girl From Auntie uncovers something interesting — Lion Brand + a direct marketing firm? As she says, Acrylic Avon Parties?! The comments include comments from one of the representatives — so it is quite interesting (I keep revisiting this to check up on the comments).

Knit Happens is having a Koigu sale this weekend at the shop! I am not going to go out of fear for my credit card statement this month, but you should!

Once again Ebay sent me mail about “my favorite vendors” and the yarn they have for sale. Thanks, Ebay. You are no help with my budget! (delete delete delete)

Happy Thursday!

[no crafting for me last night, sadly. Tonight I hope to finish the back of the lace cardigan and start one of the sleeves, which I have decided to work in the round, since that will be much faster. Once I finish it, I should have some idea of whether I need more yarn or not. ]

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  1. Vera on May 25th, 2006

    With the price of yarn, I’m surprised that it’s the first yarn theft story that I’ve seen.

  2. E on May 25th, 2006

    So cute!!!