Trek Along With Me Motivator

One of the benefits of the Trek Along With Me CAL/KAL is that it has motivated me to really get back into hiking.

trek with me

When I lived in Atlanta, I went hiking and camping regularly in the north GA mountains (Hi Julie!) and in Tennessee. I then moved to Seattle, where I went hiking semi-regularly (Hi E!). Then DH and I moved back to DC, and well, aside from the little park near my house where I walk the dogs on the cheesy fake-trails almost daily, I don’t hike at all anymore.

So I did a little research, musing that I might be able to talk DH into hiking with me on the weekends periodically (after some mountain biking accidents while I was alone on the trails, I won’t go alone anymore). I happened across a great site if you are looking for hikes in the mid-atlantic region —

Of course, DH will give me that look if I pull out a sock in the middle of the trail and want to take pictures!

I can’t wait to start my Trekking socks in #76! Hopefully they will look more-or-less like this when they are done.

I picked up a US1 40″ addi today so I can magic loop these socks (possibly two at once, since I haven’t tried that yet). I haven’t picked a pattern yet, but it’s Trekking, so I think plain ol’ ribs are the way to go. I may have to split the yarn ball into equal portions and CO the toes to get them ready to go for the 1 June start date!

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  1. Julie on May 29th, 2006

    I do wish you still lived around here!!

    Just make sure the socks you’re knitting on are for him and he shouldn’t complain too much. Maybe. ;o)