Fun Summer Knit and Crochet Alongs

As always happens this time of year, a number of fun knit/crochet alongs pop up that I want to participate in! Everything from lace to socks to Mason-Dixon book knits! Check these out if they seem like your bag — I fear/hope I may end up doing them all!

  • The Amazing Lace: I am signed up for this one — but I am undecided on pattern right now. I think I may go back to my lace leaf shawl that I need to frog back to the lifeline!
  • Trek Along With Me: knitting/crocheting socks + actual hiking = right up my alley! I have no Trekking XXL in stash (in fact, I’ve never knit with it!) or I’d have joined this already! It is tempting me to order some Trekking from TheKnitter though…
  • Mason Dixon KAL: projects from the wonderful book! I have two projects I really want to knit nownownow from the book, but I don’t have the yarn in stash. I may give in to a Sugar ‘n Cream baby kimono to donate to the hospital.
  • One Skein Knit and Crochet Along: projects from the book!

If you know of others I’ve left off my list, please leave them in the comments!

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  1. anne on May 16th, 2006

    i’m already signed up for the trekking one, i’ve got a MDK knit on the needles (although i’m not signed up for the KAL) and i’m seriously pondering the Amazing Lace. I say go for all of ‘em!