Unventing Again

A while back, Sundara (of Purly Whites, and check out her yarn shop) posted a multicolor sock yarn that I simply had to have.

I got the yarn! It is vibrant and gorgeous. Of course it had to become lacy leaf socks — my favorite type of lace motif coupled with leafy green yarn!

I poured through Barbara G. Walker books of stitch patterns before I found one that I thought would work toe-up. I cast on, worked my toe and started the sock.

Later that day I was browsing Knitty when I came across a pattern I had liked and noted some time earlier — Falling Leaves. Oops! Same stitch pattern. Same stitch counts. Toe-up. Short row.

Unventing! Well, it’s a great pattern anyway, and I love how the pattern looks in this yarn:


falling leaves in sundara sock yarn, leafy

I’m on the heel and I would be complete with the heel except that yesterday I got blindsided by a combination of family stuff and my need to find the perfect lace pattern for the CEY Premiere cardigan I am going to make.

The end result of yesterday? A big, messy swatch (still in progress) and now I am not going to MD S+W this weekend (I won’t whine about it, but I am bummed that I’m not going to make it — especially with that whole yarn diet thing that was supposed to help me save money FOR it).

But Ginger is happy (behind the cut):


Boris and Claw are happy too, but you’ll have to take my word for that.

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  1. lesley on May 4th, 2006

    that really is a beautiful color! and perfect for that stitch. and just think, you came up with a pattern that’s published in knitty :)

  2. [...] The four projects? Classic Elite Yarns Premiere cardigan. I have a lace pattern that I came up with (basically just a smaller version of the lace leaf motif). I have numbers worked out. I wound 14 balls of Premiere (let me tell you, those hanks are a real pain). I am ready to … cast on the back and work a lot of 2×2 rib and then get to my happy fun lace pattern! I’d like to finish the back and figure out the front (haven’t decided on wrap vs. regular cardigan front yet, but the back will be the same either way). Adrienne Vittadini top-down raglan short sleeve fitted top. I wanted a quick project that I can finish and wear while I am down there. I swatched this yarn last night and I cast on the top (funnily, I didn’t even count how many stitches I cast on – that’s real crazy). I am already running on this project. I fear I am going to run out of yarn and end up with a top-down raglan only suitable to wear to bed (ahem). 10 balls of the main color of yarn– at 35yd apiece! HA. my leafy lace socks These will tbe a gift for someone! I’d like to finish the pair. bright red LL almost solids for Canal du Midi (Knitting on the Road) [...]

  3. Andrea on May 5th, 2006

    Lovely sock and yarn combination!

    You aren’t going to MDS&W? Bummer!

  4. Julie on May 29th, 2006

    I’m ashamed to admit that somehow right about here you fell off my bloglines list. I have no idea how that happened and I’ve immediately rectified the situation. I kept thinking, wow, Jess hasn’t blogged since she came back from vacation but this morning I went searching for you. I have a lot to catch up on. :o)

    These socks are gorgeous, the color fabulous too. Did you get them finished yet (still reading after all). Very nice!