Purling Hurts! and Why Must I Be Haunted?

You may have noticed that I have been knitting a lot of small gauge things recently. Socks, mittens … and ignoring Rogue again.

It’s not because I don’t want to work on Rogue. It’s not because it’s warm here in DC finally (in my basement it’s freezing, and that’s where I knit most often). It’s not because I prefer tiny gauge work (though I do, just not for garments in jess-size!). It’s because if I attempt to purl with needles larger than US5, my wrists cry out in pain. For some reason purling and working with small needles isn’t a problem!

I am a non-standard continental knitter (I think I probably look like an English knitter with the yarn on my lefthand side. And I thumb purl, which is probably part of why purling hurts my wrists). I can knit combination, but I feel awkward when I do. I’m not sure that would help in this case or not — but perhaps I will try it and see how it goes.

I went to sleep last night thinking about Arisaig. I don’t think I can wear wrap-style tops, but for some reason this one keeps haunting me (and yes, I like it better than Lucky Clover Wrap from SnB Nation).

I have my stash of Classic Elite Premiere — which at DK is a completely different gauge than the 4 ply used in the pattern. I don’t think the lace pattern used in the pattern would look good at that gauge (but I haven’t swatched, so I can’t say for sure). I am considering taking the schematics, working the numbers with my DK gauge, swatching lace patterns (it must be a geometric lace pattern, sorry E!), and then basically coming up with my own version of the same sweater.

I keep trying to remind myself — “it’s a wrap sweater, jess. you don’t wear wrap sweaters.” I just don’t know! The pull, she is strong… and lace in Premiere is the way to go, I think.

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  1. GINA on May 2nd, 2006

    I love geometric! That’s a beautiful pattern…please try!!!

  2. E on May 3rd, 2006

    Take it easy with the knitting. You can always design and draw schematics and swatch and yarn p0rn and pattern p0rn and and and …