Surprise Package!

My sockapalOOOza pal anoymously emailed me late last week to say that she might be mailing my socks out a little late because she is travelling and they had not sent out the addresses yet. So I was quite surprised when I saw a package at the door when I got home from hacking SQL all day!

sockapaloooza package

My sock pal was Suegene of Lazy Saturday! She dyed the yarn to be self-striping herself in great colors, teal and turquoise and lime green! Plus she accomodated my massively huge feet and ankles! (I feel guilty for everyone who makes me socks!)

What? You want to see more pictures? Here ya go:

sockapaloooza socks for me

They fit perfectly and they are taller than socks I normally make myself, which is so awesome!

sockapaloooza socks for me

The pattern is Thuja (pattern by Bobby of Briar Fiber). Suegene worked these toe up with short row toe and heel — coincidentally, this is exactly what I started with on my sock pal’s socks but it didn’t work with the yarn I was using.

I love the socks — thank you, Suegene!

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  1. lesley on May 3rd, 2006

    wow those socks are gorgeous and what a surprise to ge tthem early! so jealous. adn so beautiful. hand dyed one of a kind ! fantastic!

  2. Andrea on May 5th, 2006

    Awesome socks!!!

  3. Ruth on May 5th, 2006

    Oh, they’re great! Lucky you ….

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