Komi Mitten #1 Complete

Wow, that was a fast knit! It was a fun half-project…

komi mitten

closeup of floats

komi mitten is love [click to view gallery images]
Of course, now I still have the mate to knit and the ends to weave in.

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  1. Jan on April 23rd, 2006

    That mitten is exquisite! Have you had a lot of experience with two color knitting? Your floats look perfect. What kind of yarn did you end up choosing?

  2. GINA on April 23rd, 2006

    I like the mitten and the look of your new new blog!

  3. [...] Well, with my time being sucked up this week with family events and the Komi mitten, I didn’t make much sock progress. I did get to the heel on the Ladybug sock, but the ribbing is really boring me right now (doh): ladybug socks [...]

  4. [...] You may have noticed that I have been knitting a lot of small gauge things recently. Socks, mittens … and ignoring Rogue again. [...]

  5. [...] However, rather than start a new colorwork project, I am trying to inspire myself to start the mate to my gorgeous Komi Mitten. I love that mitten. I just need to start the mate and it will fly off the needles. [...]