A Return

I’m back. Why was I gone? Broken camera + general malaise and a lack of
fibery stuff being accomplished.

I’m back now. New camera, fibery stuff being completed … but no
pictures because they are mostly gifts for people I don’t want to
stumble upon before they receive them!

I’ve been on a sock yarn kick recently. I just want to buy lots and lots
of sock yarn. Regia is probably my favorite. It’s soft, they have a few
different variations (4 ply wool, 6 ply wool, 4 ply cotton, 4 ply
stretch) and a million colors. I’ve been looking into a number of the
others. I didn’t like the Fortissima Colori much. I just want to buy more
and more sock yarn, and for no good reason!

I haven’t even finished one sock yet, just a number of halfway
finished ones, all different.

However, yesterday I went out to AC Moore to pick up some holiday gift
stuff for people (I’m giving a lot of yarn… I am a fiber enabler) and
I did not come out with a single thing for myself. That’s impressive.

Finished Projects (well, basically):

  • black hat. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to for some
    reason, so I might keep it or donate it. The ends still need to be
    weaved in and I think it needs some trim on it (maybe with some of my
    handspun!), but it’s basically done.

  • bouclé scarf. Ends need to be weaved in, but it’s done. It is
    very cute and absolutely enormous.

In progress:

  • moda dea burst scarf: I haven’t worked on this in a while. When I
    last worked on it, it was giving me headaches, but I already frogged it
    once and this yarn does not like to be frogged! I need to finish this
    before 24 December, so I will be picking it up again this weekend.

  • tlc amore hat: I bought this yarn with someone in mind and then
    completely forgot that I was going to make her a hat/scarf with it! I
    remembered last night, started the hat, and it’s about halfway done.
    It’s an ombre yarn of purples and blue and it is looking awesome worked
    up. It’s also very soft and seems to be warm. I generally don’t like red
    heart yarns (yarn snob me) but this one seems very nice!

In my head:

  • lots of socks. :)

Happy holidays!

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