Placemat the First

N asked for placemats like ones E has.

Placemat, hemmed, washed, dried.
hemmed, washed, dried

I wove one on my table loom, cut it off, hemmed it, washed it, dried it. It was the right size and it looked similar to what he requested.

So I tied the warp back onto the front and started the other three, with details about the length to weave the hem portion as well as the body of the placemat.

Back and front
back and front

It’s not truly REP weave, but it does utilize a thick yarn alternated with a thin yarn as weft. Simple but looks interesting and has a great texture. I used the book Rep Weave and Beyond (checked out from the library!) for reference, but this is from a rigid heddle kit from Cotton Clouds.

Since this is on my table loom which doesn’t require my ankle to be functional to use, I have no excuse for not finishing the other three placemats yet. D’oh!

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