organization project
needles and things

I’ve been meaning to re-organize my knitting needles and crochet hooks and notions for a while. I finally got tired of the tangled mess of circulars and piles of mismatched double pointed needles and over the course of a few nights, reorganized everything.

I ditched some of the stitch markers that I hate and consolidated the ones I love. I sorted the needles properly, keeping the knit picks interchangeables (which I have started to really hate) separate from the Hiya Hiya interchangeables (which I find myself fighting with all the time due to the swivel join) separate from the Dyakcraft Heavy Metal needles (too bad they are too heavy in larger needle sizes) separate from the fixed needles and the Signature convertible (which I find is not slick enough for me).

Yea, I am feeling rather Goldilocks with my knitting needles lately.

But yay! All my knitting needles and crochet hooks and notions are tidied up. Does anyone want a needle tatting mini kit? Never opened. Let me know!

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