A Tale of Two Hats

Years and years ago, I knit N a hat. Plain old stockinette in plain old black Aurora Bulky.

He wore it all the time. Then he lost it, we found it, we washed it again, it shrunk a little (so much for superwash).

So I knit him a second hat in Manos (Lava) — black with red and yellow. But he never really wore that hat. Later he said it was too scratchy and not black enough.

A month or so ago, N asked for a new hat. Black, easy care, not too rough. I decided that Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage would be a good yarn for the not-rough, easy care part. But when I went looking for a black yarn in Tosh Vintage, I had trouble finding one. Red toned, blue toned, brown toned, green toned. I finally ordered Georgia O’Keeffe, which looked very black to me, with teal bits.

I knit Graham, a free pattern [ravelry].


I like it. I handed it to N.

N, “this is not black.”
j, “sure it is.”
N, “this is made of MANY COLORS and black.”
j, “it’s just black and teal and maybe a little brown.”
N, “so you’re saying this is APPROXIMATELY black. and other colors. I want plain old just black.”

Ooooook. He also had some changes to make to the size of the hat. He wanted the ribbing to be 1/2″ shorter and the part of the hat before the crown also 1/2″ shorter. Easy enough. He did agree that the yarn was soft enough, so at least I had that working for me.

So I ordered some more Tosh Vintage, this time in the now-discontinued Cloak. A very plain plain black. Almost black. Mostly black. I knit another Graham, this time only knitting the ribbing to 2.5″ and starting the crown decreases at 7″.

graham for N

This one has been stamped approved, though I believe it is a little short.

As I was ripping out a mistake for the third time in my very dark living room, N said, “oh! now I understand why you don’t want to knit plain old flat black.”

Yes, yes indeed.

two grahams
two hats

N prefers his hat inside out. Graham is a great hat and works up quickly. Knit one! I might knit a third.

My Georgia O’Keeffe Graham
My Cloak Graham

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