Color Infection

I fought it for a while but I finally started a Color Affection (ravelry).

These colors are sort of odd together
barely into section two

It’s mindless but I fear the long, long rows of the edging. I love the yarn, Plucky Knitter Plucky Feet. I actually purchased a kit of these three colors. I wasn’t too sure about them.

I thought about it. My Klaralund was in similar colors, wasn’t it?

I looked at the nail polish I had just purchased that weekend.

This was quite unintentional. My color affection colors & recent nail polish acquisition
matchy *

OK. Maybe I do like these colors together after all.

* plucky knitter plucky feet in flannel (grey with blue tone), faded grandeur (olive), technicolor teal. nail polish – OPI I have a herring problem (blue with grey), butter LONDON wallis (olive), essie go overboard (teal).

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