Slippery Slope

A year ago I bought my first* loom, a new Glimåkra Emilia 50cm rigid heddle.

This past weekend I bought my fourth loom – my first floor loom – a 1970s Glimåkra 100cm Ideal (4S/6T).

assembled properly
my handsome loom

I’m waiting on a shipment from the lovely and responsive people at Glimåkra USA with new heddles, tie-up, and some lamm rods before I can start using the loom.

I’ve designed a three stage plan for upgrading the loom to 8S/8T over time. 4S/6T to 6S/6T to 8S/8T. I decided that I can live with four shafts while I learn countermarch.

While I wait for the necessary parts, I have placemats to finish up on my table loom.

pseudo rep weave placemats

This fabric I’m creating is awesome. I can’t wait to see how they wash up.

*OK, technically I had a potholder loom as a kid and I also have a few weavette looms I got in 2008.

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  1. Claire on April 6th, 2013

    Oh Yay… I’ll definitely check back soon to see you weaving on your new loom :-) I was glad to hear you didn’t have too many problems assembling it – as you know I’m just about to do the same with mine :-D

    I’m really only iffy about the counterbalance set up with mine as I’ve never seen one. The lady I bought mine off had another larger Glimakra set up as countermarche.