Birthday Rug

Yesterday was my sister K’s birthday. I made her a looper rug with loopers from Crazy as a Loom.

looper rug for my sis K's bday

I think she liked it.

looper rug

Despite the Clown Barfiness.


8/4 rug warp in smoky blue, ~200 ends, 8 epi (12 dent reed, threaded 1-1-0).

I tried a rag shuttle, ski shuttle, and a long stick shuttle. I found the stick shuttle to work best for the looper chains.

I knotted short sections of loopers, then wound into balls. As I finished a ball, I would knot the new ball to the one I just finished weaving, so there were no looper ends to weave in.

I doubled the warp yarn and wove about 2″ on either side of the rug to start. I decided I like the look of that plus fringe on these.

Weaving wise, I stood up to weave this. I beat on an open shed, closed shed, and next shed, usually beating each more than once. It was a workout! I used a ~45 degree angle from selvedge which helped keep things somewhat neat at the selvedges (as neat as can be with loopers). I had some issues with my table loom — it’s really not strong enough for this and beating would move all the shafts. It worked out ok in the end though I also could not keep tension as tight as I’d like.

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